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Friday, January 28, 2011

Four ice fishers were rescued - Lake Simcoe

Four ice fishers were rescued after they became disoriented on Long Point Bay.

Norfolk OPP received a report that two male and two female fishers were missing at 6:20 p.m. on Saturday. Rescuers were assisted by a member of the public that lent his snowmobiles and ATVs for their search effort. They were able to locate the stranded fishers using cellular GPS coordinates. The four people were unharmed.

The rescued fishers reported they had become disoriented out on the bay when the weather turned for the worse during the day. Unable to see the shore, they had set out on their ATVs but could not make out their location. The fishers were able to place a distress call, but they couldn't give a specific location.

Police are reminding the public to practise safety procedures out on the ice. They should carry survival items, such as distress signaling devices, a compass, energy bars and a turned off cell phone tucked into an inside jacket pocket to keep warm. Ice fishers should also tell someone where they are going and when they are to be expected back.