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Friday, April 03, 2009

Windfall Ecology Centre launches new lake protection program

It's also time to save that rain water.
The Windfall Ecology Centre launched its new education program, Rain Saver, at this weekend's annual Newmarket Home Show.

The program is designed to educate residents about the benefits of retaining, filtering and using rainwater in their yards before the water enters the sewer system.

One of the leading causes of water pollution is non-point sources of water, such as storm water run-off, land development and on-site sewage systems.

The largest combined source of storm water run-off in the Lake Simcoe watershedcomes from the towns of Newmarket and Aurora, where sediment, cleaning agents, sewage, pesticides, road salt, pet waste, oil and grease contribute to phosphorus building in Lake Simcoe.

Through the program, homeowners are trained by Windfall experts on five primary protection solutions; conserving water, naturalizing property and landscapes, using environmentally friendly products, protecting the watershed and eliminating run-off.

Along with the education program, homeowners are given a rain barrel, with delivery and in-home consultations.

For more information, contact the Windfall Ecology ├ó?┬ĘCentre at 905-727-0491 or visit


-Conserve water. By conserving water, residents reduce stress on waterways and decrease the potential for phosphorus contamination.

-Naturalize property. Restored natural waterways on property and enhanced greenspaces will also reduce phosphorus. Refrain from using chemical fertilizers on the lawn.

-Use environmentally friendly products. Natural and environmentally friendly cleaners are safer for plants, local wildlife and the watershed.

-Participate. Protecting the watershed starts at home by recognizing the results of home-use water and products on the watershed.

-Eliminate run-off. Rain